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Leslie Magnum

Mr. Leslie Magnum is the owner of Young at Heart Wellness YHW, LLC. and founder of “Lesliebodyfit” personal training. He brings to America’s fitness community over thirty years of fitness instructional experience, as he has competed in multiple fitness and bodybuilding competitions over that period of time. In 2006 Mr. Magnum converted to professional competing status and placed 6 in the coveted world competition. His current fitness goal is to keep America’s aging and special needs communities healthy. Mr. Magnum believes fitness is desired by all and making that connection with people creates a healthy and life living community. He currently services the largest diabetic community in the country located in Atlanta, GA and says fitness is making a difference in prevention and curbing diabetes. Mr. Leslie Magnum holds the largest senior fitness class in America. He says a better physical you, will always make you feel good, and when you feel good, you look great. Mr. Magnum is a current member of the NIH National Institute of Health, GSA Gerontological Society of America, and ASFA America Senior Fitness Association. Mr. Leslie Magnum has starred in an exercise video titled “QLS Seniors in Motion with Leslie.”

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  • Young At Heart Wellness
  • 227 Sandy Springs Place
  • Suite 139
  • Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
  • Tel:(404) 424-7792


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